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Frequently Asked Questions

Nerv is a next-gen collaboration platform that boosts productivity for any team, project, or individual using organized chat features and the ability to connect your favourite apps so they work within the Nerv environment. (See About page for more information)

By functioning as a hub where your tools get plugged into your chats, Nerv acts like the nerves in our body. The name Nerv invokes feelings of connectivity, stability, and trust.

Nerv’s mission is to enhance the way teams and professionals collaborate using agile chat features and a dynamic interface to seamlessly integrate third party files, tasks, and other core components for day-to-day work. Companies will save time by minimizing context switching, and save energy by improving efficiency. (See About page for more information)

Sure! And it’s not even a trial. In comparison to other “freemium” softwares, Nerv’s Free Plan provides an unmatched level of functionality.

Using Nerv means giving your team the flexibility they need to work the way you want them to, rather than forcing them to adapt to the limitations of other software solutions.

From now on, there is no need to switch between apps to complete tasks because all communication and cooperation may take place within Nerv.

Your team will appreciate the fact that there is a free platform that includes all of the simple and essential collaboration features that a single expert or a small/medium team requires to get things done.

Nerv offers Spaces for you to manage your team’s daily collaboration needs.

Our robust Thread-based chat allows teams to focus their conversations by the Topic of that conversation. To keep things simple, you can group Topics into Categories so you never lose a message!

Integrate your favorite tools directly into the conversation with our Deep Integrations so you can make sure your files and tasks are always where the ideas are. (Coming soon)

Every user has a Personal Space so they can collaborate beyond the scope of a team’s space by searching for freelancers, public groups, and communities to network, share, and grow.

Nerv is a platform perfect for team and professional collaboration. Designed for remote and hybrid teams, Nerv works everywhere there is an internet connection.

Startups and small companies love Nerv because of our guaranteed core essentials that are free – forever! You will never have to worry about us restricting our free forever features, making you pay for essentials like unlimited messages, and unlimited spaces.

Leaders and managers can finally rest at ease, knowing all their conversations are in one place, structured based on their team’s work items. That way Nerv gets rid of the chaos and confusion brought on by open channel platforms.

Employees get the app they always wanted because they know all their collaboration from all their useful tools are used inside Nerv for maximum productivity.

Everyone on our ecosystem, including freelancers and contractors, utilize our Personal Space to be able to search and form groups and communities with various permissions so they can collaborate across spaces, network, and grow.

Nerv is a platform for teams and professionals of all kinds, with our community driven development plan, we will make sure ALL our users get the solutions they need, to boost productivity and get rid of the old way of doing things.

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If you still have questions that are not answered above, have feedback or found a bug, reach out to us and our awesome team will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you still have questions that are not answered above, have feedback or found a bug,
reach out to us and our awesome team will get back to you as soon as possible!

We usually reply within 2 business days.

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